Celebrated author, independent Dickens scholar, Burkean conservative, satirist and cult Epigrammatist William Guppy publishes his miscellaneous work for the very first time.

These writings — which concern topics as far-reaching as the perversion of bodybuilding, the impenetrability of the Japanese tongue, and the phenomenon of liberal democrats going “cruising” on Hampstead Heath, as well as how to go for a piss in a restaurant without buying anything — have been deemed too controversial, provocative or simply “just not what we’re looking for” by the outlets which otherwise patronise the author’s pen.

What are people saying about The Pedestrian?

“What meaningless, ineffectual, ordinary, conceited, masturbatory vomit. If you wish to resurrect in today's society some degree of rigorous classic intellectualism, you're failing at a hard pace. The Pedestrian? More like The Pedant.”
John Givers, Reader of the Pedestrian

“It's not exactly Jonathan Swift, is it?”
Peter Hitchens, Columnist for the Mail on Sunday

A Poundshop Prufrock.”
Raw Egg Nationalist, Home cook and frequent volunteer at Boys Youth Centres

“William Guppy is the only man today with a completed Weltanschauung.”
Egg Report, Randy

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Notes from the Vulgar Lower-Middle Class


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